Actively adjust production equipment and production lines.

Zhejiang TV Station "New Viewpoint Express" reported that Jinhua Jinyi Welding Protection Tools actively adjusted its production equipment and production line, and quickly put into the epidemic situation of non-medical masks. Our province fully mobilized and deployed separately to support the front line of anti-epidemic with practical actions. Local enterprises paid close attention to the production of epidemic prevention materials, and made full efforts to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention materials, thus contributing to the fight against epidemic prevention and control. 

In the special law enforcement inspection of mask product quality organized by Jinhua Municipal Market Supervision Administration, the non-medical labor protection mask of Jinhua Jinyi Welding Protection Tool Co., Ltd. was found to be qualified. How is the production capacity and product quality controlled? Jinhua Jinyi Welding Protective Tools Co., Ltd., established in 2007, specializes in the production and sales of personal protective equipment, and its products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions such as Europe, Africa, Middle East, America, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. 

Cao Jianping, general manager of Jinhua Jinyi Welding Protection Tools Co., Ltd. said: "As a mask manufacturer, we should shoulder the sense of social responsibility, especially the shortage of masks encountered in this year's epidemic. I think a mask is equivalent to one mask and one life. We are very important to the quality of products, especially the meltblowing in the middle is the core. 

We have been using the old factory that has cooperated for many years, and the meltblown cloth that meets the national standard and European standard is used as raw material. " After the epidemic, faced with social problems such as the resumption of production and schooling of enterprises, non-medical masks became the best-selling products in short supply. As a manufacturer of protective products, the company has the responsibility and love to escort the social harmony and stability, actively adjust the production equipment and production lines, and quickly put into the production state of non-medical masks, thus gaining sufficient time for anti-epidemic personnel and all sectors of society to ensure quality and supply. 

The company has successively won the Grade III Enterprise Certificate of Safety Production Standardization in Jinhua City, a member of Jinhua Tool Industry Association, a Grade A Contract-abiding and Credit-valuing unit of Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Enterprises, CE certification and several inspection reports.

Cao Jianping, general manager of Jinhua Jinyi Welding Protection Tools Co., Ltd. said: "First of all, since the outbreak of this epidemic this year, I think that as a company that produces masks, the responsibility at this time is very important. We must step up the rapid production of qualified masks in the first time. Provide it to frontline fighters." The epidemic will eventually get by, but these "fighters in battle" can't be erased. The current production capacity of Jinyi Protection is 200,000 masks per day, which can't meet the current demand according to the supply situation. 

The company plans to introduce fully automatic mask production equipment to continuously improve production capacity and higher quality and standards. Cao Jianping, general manager of Jinhua Jinyi Welding Protection Tools Co., Ltd., said: In March, the new factory building was started, with a total area of 11,000 square meters, which was strongly supported by the local government during the examination and approval process and passed the rapid examination and approval. I plan to put some advanced equipment into the factory building in the second half of the year, and quickly produce standard masks for European and American countries.